Dr Perpetua Neo

Poem: We're all different. And we can be kind.

You can
Kneel before the Litany of Saints.
Frame The Hierophant and cut the Minchiate.
Debate phylogeny, ontogeny, mechanism, adaptive value.
Rim your Tibetan singing bowl.
Contact aliens with transcendental meditation.
Postpone signing contracts during Mercury Retrograde.
Prostrate five times daily towards Mecca.
Liberate yourself with mindful Tantric indulgence.
Participate in seances.
Offer garlands to Kali, XiWangMu and Mary Magdalene.
Believe in lak’ech ala k’in – “I am another you“.
Pore over the Tibetan and Egyptian Book of the Dead.
Walk the Santiago de Compostela.
Burn a candle to Marie Laveau on St John’s Eve.
Chant nammyorenghekyo.
Hark the Selfish Gene and the Red Queen.
Idolise Persephone, Inana and Lilith.
Feel conflicted between spirits and science.
Invoke Urania, Terpischore and Euterpe.
Wish everyone ‘love, light and peace’.
Play binaural beats for your dog’s liver.
Consult your medium and go to church.
Use talismans, brew elixirs and practise Neigong.
Seek the reincarnation of your Familiar.
Infuse your orgasms with intentions to manifest.
Aspire to visit The Temple.
Have no opinion.
Bask in Jhana bliss.
Smudge sage sticks.
Feel infinite awe peering into deep space.
Study your charts for Chiron and Sedna.
See the Divine in every living breathing creature.
Offer joss, wine and food to your ancestors.
Walk labyrinths, adorn your body with sacred geometry.
Change your mind- lapsed, collapsed or denounced.
Get slain in The Spirit.
Bathe your crystals in moonlight.
Contemplate upon a koan.
Honour empiricism and logic.
Believe in God and Science.
Gaze deep into a crystal ball.

Whatever your creed ,
Whether you believe in something
Or nothing
Or an evolving signature blend,
Be kind
to each other.

Because we can.

Regardless of how similar or different we are. It starts with kindness. To ourselves, fellow human beings, and fellow lifeforms.