"Gifted. A remarkable teacher.

Perpetua is a passionate facilitator of holistic personal growth for those who want to live and perform optimally.  She coaches from a common sense approach bolstered with an impressive educational resume and personal experience.  And she walks her talk.  If you’re a higher achiever desiring to uplevel your abilities and change habits which are no longer working for you I would highly recommend working with Perpetua.”

2x Olympian & Author

“DrP transformed the energy of the room, evidenced by the quality of questions everyone asked. It was an amazing event that created deeper relationships.

Authentic. Honest. Open."


“Not only do you have incredible expert knowledge of your field, but your writing is raw, vulnerable, and real. I’ve been so moved by the stories you share. Your courage and sincerity is truly impacting so many. Thank you for being you.

The world needs your voice."

International Publicity & Marketing Strategy Expert

“Patient outcomes have been excellent. I have received positive feedback regarding her knowledge and professionalism. Dr Neo is

clearly an outstanding psychologist."




“Perpetua is an outstanding speaker, and has exceptional language. 5 minutes with Dr Neo can transform your networking success. Thank you Dr Perpetua Neo for giving us both the sword and shield to conquer networking.”


“10/10. DrP keeps it real. She gets to the root of the feeling quickly, putting things into words so simply, the things we avoid but sap our energy. She cuts through the awkwardness, silence and uncertainty without being cheesy. Instead, she’s relatable, approachable and applicable. Everything feels very natural and professional, and warm and welcoming. And she sets the tone straight away.”


“Well-structured & insightful. Perpetua integrates theory and practice in an engaging manner.”


“Engaging, enlightening, and so easy to implement.”


Perpetua’s natural ability to foster an approach that is both compassionate and pragmatic accounts for her efficacy. She meets her clients at their level in a compassionate and warm manner. Her style is both personable and professional and I feel this accounts for the ease with which her clients engage and collaborate with her in the process of change.” –Gabriella Moody, Counselling Psychologist.”


“Well-rounded. Perpetua’s workshop goes beyond public speaking, it enhances your leadership abilities. She is highly engaging and insightful, within a positive and supportive environment.”


“Packed room for the #IoDYDF Summer Drinks with Dr Perpetua Neo! There’s a certain irony in the number of networking events with the topic “how to network better”, but I have to say, it’s the first time I’ve heard a Psychologist speak on the subject and she definitely brought in new elements I’d never really considered!”


“Dr Neo is an inspirational speaker with a wealth of knowledge. She empowers you to act now for your future.”


“DrP makes everything so simple and inspiring. She is energetic, dynamic and engaging. If only we had more time with her!”

“I know panic intimately. I used to fight with myself, and be reactive in my closest relationships. When I hired DrP,

I was burning out,

running a dozen companies and completing a PhD. I felt over responsible for everyone and everything. I hated my anger. Very quickly, I felt lighter sharing my thoughts with DrP. I learned that it’s okay to pull the plug and take care of myself. Things that once felt undoable became history. We developed personal and corporate strategies. Now I have better relationships, wake up feeling better and can regulate myself. I am in control.”


“I always recommend Perpetua to my friends.

I tell them she works magic."



Perpetua and I work with very similar demographics of high functioning women on prioritizing self-care. She is an expert on narcissism. I find Dr. Neo’s work compelling. She has brilliantly developed her own way to help women quickly identify an abusive relationship and how to get out of it, while staying safe.”

Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert

"A glorious speech.

One of the most insightful people I know, my go-to brain expert. Perpetua is one of those people who makes me shrink, she has achieved so much in so little time it makes my mind boggle. Quick to smile, slow to judge, she’s clearly an outstanding person and is all the better for centering herself around one goal, to help others.”

President (Institute of Directors, YDF), Founder & Entrepreneur.

“I’ve seen many mental health professionals over the years, and have been impressed by

how quickly you got to the heart of the matter."

MR QA, Journalist & Author

“I engaged DrP realising I was abused.

She got me through the darkest times and the panic attacks.

Very quickly, something magical happened during our session that made me feel better. I coordinated the separation and divorce, stopped obsessing, and and started doing more for myself. Even during winter, I did more outside the house, exercised more, and slept better. She also helped me with other longstanding compulsive problems. I started to have fun again, build up my social life, and speak at conferences more. I have learned to delegate and ask for help, to speak up rather than make excuses.”

Double Board-Certified Physician


What they say

Business Insider

“Incredibly knowledgable. Perpetua understands people, human behaviour, psychology and relationships. She is a great resource about Dark Triad Personality Types. Our articles do so well.” — Lindsay Dodgson, Senior Reporter

Mother London, Global Digital Agency

“Exceptionally useful insights in building out the editorial story.”– Tom Wong, Head of Fame


“A thoughtful account. A brave woman”– Amr Arafa, CEO


“Perpetua is a fearless source of science, reason, and tangible solutions when it comes to mental health. I’m a fan of the wellness industry’s fuzzy woo-woo energy, but Perpetua is doing something incredibly valuable by making wellness accessible to people who are alienated by all that fluff – people who prefer straight-talk, structure, and no BS. Her voice is down-to-earth, clever, and relatable. She’s also an excellent writer and the easiest person ever to work with as an editor, and her eye-opening articles on psychopathy and toxic relationships are always must-reads.” — Kelly Gonsalves, Sex & Relationships Editor, mindbodygreen


“An insightful and reliable source of knowledge, Dr. Neo is exceptional in her field. Not only is she communicative and fast responding, but her insights aligned perfectly with our project and provided us with the expertise and authority we needed. She’s a pleasure to work with!”


“Perpetua has become the first person I call when I need an expert take on the issues facing professional women. Not only does she prove great insight in a reader-friendly way to bring my articles to life, but she’s quick, concise, reliable (especially at the last minute when I’m on deadline) and clued up on the latest trends and science.” –Natalie Cornish, International Journalist

Professor Jonathan D. London

“In twenty years of academic teaching I have yet to encounter a more talented writer.”- Author, Researcher and Professor, Leiden University

"Perpetua is a high performer herself

and therefore is absolutely well placed to coach high performers. Her knowledge of issues specific to high performers means she always adds value. To anyone aiming for constant improvement in dealing with matters of the mind, she is very easy to recommend.”

CEO & Founder

“Time and time again, it has been said that the key to success is to see challenges not as impenetrable barriers, but as obstacles to overcome. It is with this mantra that Perpetua guides her peers and clients by – compassionately pushing them to become better versions of themselves, and being there to catch them when they stumble. Perpetua’s person-centred therapeutic style is warm, authentic,

with a touch of quirk to keep those creative juices flowing!"
Senior Clinical Psychologist
"A master of her craft!

Perpetua coaches from a powerful space of truth, guiding our group through deep powerful transformational shifts quickly and effectively. Her insightful wisdom and practical approach to astrology elevated the energetic container, teaching the group to reflect intently and take aligned actions. She is a role model and master of her craft. If you’re feeling called to work with Perpetua, do it!”

CEO & CIO, International Speakers & Award-winning Filmmakers

“Everybody needs to hear it from

a Doctor who knows real spirituality."

"If there was one word to sum Perpetua, it’d be “Authentic”.

I’ve known Perpetua for many years, and she helps clients to cut through confusion and bring about change quickly. Yet, she does it in a caring and supportive way, with deep wisdom and a wide range of techniques. What I like most about her is how she walks her talk, and applies the same knowledge that she offers to others.”

CEO & Executive Coach

"My Detoxifier.

Perpetua never fails to impress me with her advice on exercising your boundaries, which revolutionalises your life! She has excellent skills in identifying patterns and toxic behaviours of Dark Triad Types. She has insights no one else has.”

Siena Hoggianto
Fashion & Strategy

"You must be the best at what you do.

I’ve had therapy for years and normally feel drained. Other therapists have also been demeaning when it comes to the mind-body connection. After talking to you, I feel unblocked an inspired. For years, I couldn’t write due to an old trauma. With you, I started to write my report for my case, and got shared custody despite all the odds against me. I stopped feeling empathy for my abusive ex. In the past, I couldn’t won my power, now I look at my triggers bravely. It’s uplifting. I have stronger boundaries in negotiation. I thought I was destined to be alienated from my children. Now, there is so much warmth in our days. Life is so much calmer and comfortabler without my ex. Thank you.”


“Perpetua coached me successfully for a top high-demand job and Graduate School place. I felt apprehensive about coaching, but Perpetua came highly-recommended. With a month to prepare and three jobs to juggle, I panicked. Perpetua is strategic and perceptive, and helped me gain clarity quickly. She combines this with warmth and encouragement, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Perpetua helps people to know themselves and craft an impactful story, so you leave a compelling impression.

You get the added bonus of shedding your perfectionism and brutal self-evaluations. For a change, I’m proud of myself. I’d recommend Perpetua without any reservation.”

Neuropsychologist & Clinical Psychologist

"Exceeded all my expectations.

Unlike typical therapy where you talk in circles, Perpetua is systematic, organised and excellent at coming up with plans. My life is so much more fulfilled and successful now, personally and professionally.”


"Classy & world-class!

Dr. Perpetua Neo is simply the sharpest and most organized coach I’ve ever worked with. She blends compassion with professionalism in the most perfect way, I trust her to do anything and get it done FAST! I love her Singaporean efficiency and her Cambridge pedigree just makes everything she does with you classy and world-class. Would recommend her to anyone, you won’t want to miss this opportunity for her to help you to the top of your field!”

Founder & CEO

"People come into our lives for a reason.

Perpetua Neo came in to my life at the perfect time. The universe doesn’t give you the people you want, she gives you the people you need. To help you, to make you the person you were meant to be.”

Founder & CMO


“Dr Neo undertook her training program as one of five trainees in the pioneer batch of international students in the United Kingdom. I am confident that Dr Neo would make an excellent contribution to any service that employed her, and I recommend her unreservedly.”


“Perpetua is an engaging and a likeable clinician, receiving excellent feedback from her patients, colleagues and care providers. She has shown herself to be adaptable, sensitive to people’s needs and skilful in communicating to individuals experiencing significant distress. Her initiative and competencies make her an asset across a range of care settings.”


“Dr Perpetua Neo is truly an inspirational woman. She’s one of the most caring, positive and insightful people I’ve ever met. We’ve worked on several projects together, and I always learn something new from her. As an academic myself, I have a lot of respect for the amount of reading, research and writing she’s done in her field. Yet what’s amazing is that she makes this knowledge accessible and practical. She’s a thinker and giver, and combines amazing qualifications, hard work, and a heart-centered message. I’m truly happy our paths crossed.”


“Perpetua has a genuine ability to hold onto a sense of hope for clients and to share this with them. She has shown a warmth and maturity with her patients which allows her to empathise with them, while being able to help clients make sense of their difficulties in a way that allows them to hope for change. I wish Perpetua all the best with her future career and hope she continues to develop her natural abilities of leadership and compassion.”


“Perpetua works magic. She’s a teacher, mentor and healer. With her myriad of skills and wealth of knowledge, she’s helped me to achieve success over the years. Everyone I know who has worked with Perpetua often wax lyrical about her. This is hardly surprising as Perpetua has an astute sense of perception, gets to the crux of issues immediately, and works tirelessly with you to achieve your goals. The path to success can be challenging at times. However, this journey is so much smoother with Perpetua‘s warmth, compassion and empathy. You don’t just help others to see the light in darkness. You spark amazing, awesome, astounding fireworks in yours’ and others’ lives in the darkest nights!


“Perpetua balances an achievement of academic merit and a firm commitment to contribute to society. She possesses the personal qualities to be an excellent clinical psychologist, and a potential future leader capable of effecting change and betterment.”


“Dr Perpetua Neo was one of my best students at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Apart from her excellent academic abilities, she has proven herself to be a caring and helpful person to her peers. I have no doubt her outstanding qualities will be evident in her professional services to others wherever she practises.”


What they say

“You've been

a ray of sunshine in my week."

MR VQ, Entrepreneur

"There's a lot for me to be happy about.

I felt stuck, always anxious and looking out for trouble. I was always overpreparing and feeling inadequate in high pressure situations. These days, I can maintain my posture. I have gotten the cornerstones of my education and health in place, and the tools I can use. I have learned to negotiate relationships and gotten my MBA. I like how you reflect through my strengths, and are easy to talk to. You know me, the way you tie things together and guide my focus. I have better sleep and nutrition. Thank you.”

Vice President

"The most life-changing.

I’ve done such work many times, and I can say with certainty that this time with you, it was the most life-changing. I could go deeper and shift more than ever before. Big thanks and gratitude.”


"I don’t know where I’d be if not for you.

I felt as though I had been hit by a truck. Bereavement, breaking up with a narcissist, and working for a toxic boss. I was at my lowest low, numb and scared. In two weeks, everything came together. I didn’t expect to delve so deep. DrP showed me how it’s okay to relapse, because I learned that I can rise from it. Now I am in-charge at work, and know how to navigate my boss and team. I’ve stopped babysitting others, my ex is out of my system, and I have so much more energy. It’s easy to meet new people and take time out for myself. My physician was worried about my health, my blood test results showed so much improvement she’s shocked. DrP helped me to create systems and gave me the tools. Now I’ve accomplished so much personally and at work. If I had stayed or gotten out without getting any help, I’d have wound up in another toxic relationship. Thank you.”

Head Estate Manager

"My most reliable expert!

Perpetua is a consistently excellent expert to call on for media comment, for articles and my book. I have come to expect a lovely, strong brand of efficient wisdom. I am particularly impressed with her interest and dedication to the experiences of women, for example how she speaks about the nature of emotional abuse and how you might get out of an abusive relationship. I very much like her approach to the issue of mental health and appreciate her take on anxiety, depression and stress. Her knowledge in her field is exemplary and I am always delighted to work with her. I also like that her clients call her “Dr P”; it speaks to a very appealing intimacy.”

Author & Journalist

“I didn’t expect change when I first started. Like with previous therapy, I expected to sit and talk in an old dark room without understanding the purpose. Instead, I gained clarity about what I really want, and learned to trust myself. Our sessions were relaxed, and I loved both doing and talking away the depression and social anxiety. My head is no longer a mystery to me. Perpetua remembered alot about me, and communicated ideas clearly.

Today, I feel adequate from the inside. I feel mature and see my future coming together. I’m living authentically today, and know I deserve a life with less drama and less pain. Thank you."

Entrepreneur & Fitness Instructor