Praise & Hallelujahs!

"The world needs to hear her message and be inspired by her fearless authenticity.

Dr Perpetua Neo is an insightful heartfelt Goddess who knows the landscape of the human psyche like the back of her hand. Her passion for mental wellbeing knows no bounds, and I feel fortunate to call her an industry peer and friend. She helped me clear blocks I had around high-paying clients, and after speaking with her, my coaching business has taken off. Her support led to me believing in myself as an entrepreneur.”

Women's Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“I always recommend Perpetua to my friends.

I tell them she always works magic."

Ms H Thompson, Veteran

“Time and time again, it has been said that the key to success is to see challenges not as impenetrable barriers, but as obstacles to overcome. It is with this mantra that Perpetua guides her peers and clients by – compassionately pushing them to become better versions of themselves, and being there to catch them when they stumble. Perpetua’s person-centred therapeutic style is warm, authentic, with a touch of quirk (to keep those creative juices flowing!).

Working with Perpetua has ignited the drive in me to be more and do more (and feel happier about it) than the box in my head will allow me to."

Clinical Psychologist


What they say about me
"Very impressed"

"Very impressed"

Mr QA, Entrepreneur & Journalist
I’ve seen many mental health professionals over the years, and have been very impressed by how quickly you got to the heart of the matter.
Perpetua works magick

Perpetua works magick

Dr Karen Pooh, Clinical Psychologist
She’s a teacher, mentor and healer. The path to success can be challenging at times. However, this journey is so much smoother with Perpetua’s warmth, compassion and empathy.
She is joyful

She is joyful

Anxiety Group Attendee
I came here because I was feeling trapped. What I like most about Perpetua’s style is that she is joyful. The breathing exercise we did put me in a calmer place.

“I was disgusted with myself and completely broken.

Working with Perpetua on self-love and mindfulness empowered me.

I realised that I’m normal, and healed from my breakdown very quickly. She paid attention to my needs, never judging me. Today I know myself better, and I’m proud of my achievements, no longer beating myself up for not doing enough. I’ve seen the positive effects on my work and family, and feel confident to deal with my future. Perpetua has helped me to grow into a better version of myself, in eight sessions. I’m very thankful and would definitely recommend her!”



What they say about me

"If there was one word to sum Perpetua, it’d be “Authentic”.

I’ve known Perpetua for many years, and she helps clients to cut through confusion and bring about change quickly. Yet, she does it in a caring and supportive way, with deep wisdom and a wide range of techniques. What I like most about her is how she walks her talk, and applies the same knowledge that she offers to others.”

Executive Coach & Charisma Coach

“At first, I felt anxious.

Perpetua is skilful and has positive energy.

I found learning more about my feelings and thoughts useful, and understand my feelings more now”

Group Attendee

Perpetua coached me successfully for a top high-demand job and Graduate School place. I felt apprehensive about coaching, but Perpetua came highly-recommended. With a month to prepare and three jobs to juggle, I panicked. Perpetua is strategic and perceptive, and helped me gain clarity quickly. She combines this with warmth and encouragement, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Perpetua helps people to know themselves and craft an impactful story, so you leave a compelling impression.

You get the added bonus of shedding your perfectionism and brutal self-evaluations. For a change, I’m proud of myself. I’d recommend Perpetua without any reservation.”



What they say about me

"You've been

a ray of sunshine in my week."

Mr VQ, Entrepreneur

“I didn’t expect change when I first started. Like with previous therapy, I expected to sit and talk in an old dark room without understanding the purpose. Instead, I gained clarity about what I really want, and learned to trust myself. Our sessions were relaxed, and I loved both doing and talking away the depression and social anxiety. My head is no longer a mystery to me. Perpetua remembered alot about me, and communicated ideas clearly.

Today, I feel adequate from the inside. I feel mature and see my future coming together. I’m living authentically today, and know I deserve a life with less drama and less pain. Thank you."