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I write in cafés all over the world about mastering your time, mind and sleep. As a Café Person since I was 11, I’ve christened my blog The Neo Café— for your dose of Mastering Your Psychological Capital, my signature blend of cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom– in plain English for busy high-performers like yourself who want quick and thorough solutions. My work’s available in 41 languages, and here’s how we can partner together.


  • Recovering From A Love Scam: How It Happens, What To Do

    Love scamming is a toxic relationship. And when it comes to such relationships, it takes being in the thick of one to understand. Before then, people think “That will never happen to me, I will walk away as soon as I see the faintest…

  • Designing Your #SmashingIt Routine For Peak Performance

    The 5am Club. In this cult, it’s easy to see yourself as less of a productive or successful person if you’re not an early riser. Or, if you don’t wear the same clothes everyday like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. I could go on,…

  • From High-Functioning Anxious to High-Functioning

    There’s a running joke amongst Type A personalities that we aren’t just Type A, we’re Type A+++. With that comes high performance, but the cost is often high-functioning anxiety, which we aren’t even aware of.

    The Type A personality
    In a word, Type As overachieve. We…

  • Preventing Panic Attacks: How To Heal

    My clients joke that I specialise in two types of problems— Rich People Problems (referencing the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy) and Overachiever Problems. Each group is curious about the unexpected problems the other faces— we believe that each other’s world…