Goodbye, Panic Attacks

"Today I choose life"-- Kevyn Aucoin, Artist

Most people think you have to manage panic attacks for the rest of your life. In fact, some therapists told me that’s the reality.

You can do all the breathing exercises, and tell yourself it’s gonna be okay.

Except that your heart beats a little faster when you think about going to that place or doing that activity. Your breathing becomes shallow. You’re filled with dread, ready to blurt a line from your well-rehearsed compendium of excuses so you can run away.

It’s not quite your first panic attack or worst. Perhaps you’ve gotten much better at ‘dealing with it’, your life is great now, and there’s only one area where they haunt. But your muscles still tense. And sometimes the very thought can give you a panic attack.

You can be as rational as you want and scold yourself, “It’s all in your head”, “Loads of people do this everyday and they’re fine”, or “Just get over it, already!”.

If only we could just perform an Intellectual Bypass— I’d gladly open my wallet for Thought Surgery. Because you and I know, it isn’t simply about the ‘mindset’ or ‘talking it away’.


  • If your plans revolve around avoiding panic attacks and the question “How do I run away”, you’re not really living.
  • You’re embarrassed about your dirty little secret; no matter how well you hide it, you know someone’s sussed you out. And you worry this affects your career progression or social standing.
  • Everyday gets more exhausting facing your panic attacks, worrying about it the night, week, or month before.
  • You’re tired of how small your life has become because of panic attacks— you avoid trains, planes or certain places/activities, and you feel bad for dragging your loved ones down.
  • You’re so lost in your head, you’re guilty you’re not there for the people and things that matter.

The Bottomline

It’s okay to go through what you’re experiencing. Your panic attacks are an invitation to transform something in your life that’s long expired and is instead dragging you down. And you can close that chapter for good.

Your Secret Dream

You want a life where you don’t even think about panic attacks. To go anywhere you want without making excuses or pre-empting how to run away, in case someone catches your panic attacks. You want to be free. For good.

The Truth

You can get there, even if:—

  • You believe that this is meant to be your life, because your parent has it, or you’ve lived with it for decades.
  • You already know the root— where it all began— and still you can’t seem to move forward.
  • You don’t want to sit for years on a therapist’s couch, going around in circles, and haemorrhaging your time, money and energy.
  • You convince yourself “It’s not as bad as [name] or famine”. This is not a competition.
  • You’ve done a ton of ‘mindset work’ that doesn’t seem to be shifting, practised till the cows came home, or wasted time and money on the next three-letter miracle therapy/coaching hype. So you fear you are ‘unfixable’.
  • Medication isn’t really helping, makes everything worse, or you feel dependent.
  • You live on the other side of the world to me and think “Nah, she’s too far away to help”.
“I am happy in myself”

“I am happy in myself”

Mr CK, Hospitality

I used to have panic attacks. Now I can fly without fear. I feel more energetic, my IBS has improved, and I feel proud of myself.

“I started running again”

“I started running again”

Ms IL, Manager

I had panic attacks several times a week, stopped exercising, avoiding the tube and pubs. In five sessions, my life has changed.

“Warmth and maturity”

“Warmth and maturity”

Dr HS, Clinical Psychologist

Perpetua has a genuine ability to hold onto a sense of hope for clients and to share this with them. She helps them to make sense of their difficulties in a way that allows them to hope for change.

“I no longer escape into my cocoon”

“I no longer escape into my cocoon”

Mr GN, Undergraduate

I couldn’t understand why I was suffering. You patiently unpicked the causes with me, and I learned that what I was going through doesn’t make me ‘unmanly’. I socialise more today and performed very well for my final exams.

heal panic attacks perpetua neo pink flamingo


  • Live the dreams you shelved away, and boldly say Yes! to life.
  • Perform phenomenally in all areas of your life, because you’ve become unstoppable.
  • Spend time with the people you care for, cultivate deeper relationships.
  • Walk taller, prouder and happier, because your health, sleep and energy are infinitely better. And you respect yourself deeply.
  • Close the chapters of your past— the origins of your panic attacks— and break old patterns.
  • Find peace, healing and love yourself.



Here's how your metamorphosis will unfold

The journey

In this 8-week journey, we’ll work on healing from your panic attacks, so you feel more peaceful and perform phenomenally. This way, we support the most magnificent version of you to emerge, in a way that honours your life journey and personality. We’ll craft a bespoke blend of Cutting Edge Psychology Meets Ancient Wisdom, anointing you with a signature collection of Doterra essential oils* that will accelerate your progress whilst you smell decadently glorious. We can work in-person if you’re in Brighton (UK), or over Skype/Facetime. (*Separate investment required)

  • Personalised scripts, strategies and meditations to release your panic attacks and old stories that do not serve you.
  • Flowcharts, checklists and contingency plans so you’ll feel in-control.
  • Simple, time-friendly neuroscience-backed homework to flex your new muscles.
  • Boss Of My Mind: The essential guide to dealing with the busy mind that plagues us all, and become mentally strong.
  • Insider Secrets on (1) Detoxifying your life of the people who sap your energy and increase your anxiety (2) Being good to yourself, so you can perform phenomenally and sleep like a cat (3) Living your life with grace, beauty and joy (4) Creating systems to live your new life effortlessly.

The Neo Formula

We’ll input them into THE NEO FORMULA, which is how your metamorphosis will unfold:—


Week 1: 1 x 120-minutes
Here’s where we join the dots so your mind gets closure, and get clear on your goals and intentions, so we can seed your future.


Weeks 2-7: 6 x 60-minutes
Here’s where we work on simple lifestyle redesign, bust old patterns and grow your psychological capital so you master yourself, time and energy.


Week 8: 1 x 60-minutes
Here’s where we celebrate your successes, integrate your new skills, and chart your future so you can soar.


  • 1-1 email support (Value: £997)
  • Level One Clearing to energetically release your current blocks (Value: £147)
  • The Neo Audit: A 60-minute audit of the rituals, patterns and people in your life to tweak for enhanced sleep, energy and purpose-filled days (Value: £247)
“We live on different continents”

“We live on different continents”

Ms CU, Performance Coach

I was embarrassed and thought I had to live with panic attacks for the rest of my life. Now I catch trains like a boss. Perpetua has been on both sides. She understands panic attacks. I absolutely recommend her.

“I learned I don’t need to be perfect”

“I learned I don’t need to be perfect”

Ms HK, Student

I had panic attacks and migraines, and did not know how to express myself. People thought I was coping. Therapy has had a positive impact on my family on a whole. Thank you.

“You helped me heal my past”

“You helped me heal my past”

Mr TQ, Business Manager

I thought I was beyond help, I avoided trains for 12 years, and in three sessions, you helped me to take the trains again.

“Exemplary knowledge”

“Exemplary knowledge”

Kate Leaver, International Journalist

I very much like Perpetua’s approach on mental health. I am always delighted to work with her.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

Ernest Hemingway, Author


  • You’re ready to say Goodbye! to your panic attacks.
  • You’re determined to get past what’s holding you back, shedding old patterns.
  • You want someone who will journey with you step-by step.
  • You’re ready to soar and become your most phenomenal self.


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