Living a charmed life

You’ve dedicated so much to your career and goals, your life is imbalanced. When you look at those who seem to have it together, you wonder how they look so good, enjoy their lives, and have time for their friends.

Or, if you’d really admit to yourself, what’s their secret to being so. . happy!?

Because when you you strip away your accomplishments, achievements and accolades, you don’t really like your life. No matter how you justify that your path requires sacrifice, you’re Type A, or you have a demanding boss.

They say all work and no play makes Jill a dull woman. But playing when you feel guilty isn’t really playing. Because really, you’ve forgotten how to play (or you’ve never really learned how to). Even your after-work activities are about being productive, picking up another skill, or strategising your next move.

You never feel you have enough time, and you’re always apologising for it.


  • If your purpose comes solely from accomplishments and the only thing you talk about is work, then life isn’t satisfying.  And all you think about is “When’s my next holiday?”
  • If your vacations are busy— or worse, you realise they’re not fun anymore— then you never feel well-rested. Ditto in your everyday life.
  • If you don’t have time for your friends, dating or family, then they’ll stop having time for you, and you’ll feel even lonelier.
  • If your life doesn’t inspire you, and you don’t know how to recharge, then you’ll run on an empty tank and burn out.


The Bottomline

You’re tired of looking at your own life and feeling it’s imbalanced, and then feeling envious of others. And you don’t want to burn out or break down.

Your secret dream

You want to be a lot more interesting to others and yourself, and lead that beautiful charmed life. You want to look and feel beautiful, while being on top of your game.

The Truth

You can get there, even if:—

  • You don’t want to sit for days at a silent retreat, because meditation makes your mind go bonkers
  • You don’t want to quit your job or go on sabbatical
  • You think ‘feminine’ means high-pitched coy laughter and frilly aprons
  • You’ve always felt a little bit different from everyone else
  • You don’t identify with the fluffy language that others are giving you— ‘be soft!’, ‘just enjoy the process’, ‘goals are unspiritual’.

I hear you. I wouldn’t want you to have a personality transplant or feel like an alien’s possessed you.


  • Living an inspiring, purposeful and enjoyable life that you don’t have to escape from, feel certain about your priorities and choices, and one you feel inspired to wake up to
  • A thriving social/love life— you define ‘thriving’— where you socialise with friends and strangers with charm and ease
  • Reclaiming your time, mind and energy— so you can date, be with your loved ones, and indulge in your hobbies
  • Allowing adventures in your life by letting yourself indulge in spontaneity and fun
  • Feeling revitalised by your evenings, weekends and holidays; and learning how to chill and have fun even while checking off the next ‘productive’ task/activity

All while being your amazing, successful self. Because who’s to say you shouldn’t conquer the world and build your empire.

Think of the present self as a beta test— perfectionist, Type A but in need of a dash of A Charmed Life. Let’s launch The Real You— a happy, energetic and productively perfectionist Type A, while anointing your life with decadence, laughter and beauty.


Here 's how your metamorphosis will unfold

The journey

In this 8-week journey, we’ll grow the 1-2 life areas necessary for you to feel balanced, inspired and on top of your game, to support the most incandescent version of yourself to emerge, whilst honouring your life journey and personality. We’ll craft a bespoke blend of cutting-edge psychology and ancient wisdom, including a signature collection of Doterra essential oils* that will accelerate your progress whilst you smell decadently glorious. We can work in-person if you’re in Brighton (UK), or over Skype/Facetime. (*Separate investment required).

  • Personalised scripts, strategies and meditations to release existing challenges and become your most incandescent self
  • Flowcharts, checklists and contingency plans so you’ll feel in-control
  • Simple, time-friendly neuroscience-backed homework to practise and flex your new lithe muscles of balance and self-nourishment
  • Style Shortlist: Shortlist your key outfits and looks.
  • Insider secrets on (1) Reclaiming your time by saying yes/no with certainty and confidence (2) Establishing your priorities (3) Redefining Perfectionism- the productive, happy perfectionist (4) Creating systems to live your new life effortlessly.

The Neo Formula

We’ll input them into THE NEO FORMULA, which is how your metamorphosis will unfold:—


Week 1: 1 x 120-minutes
Here’s where we join the dots so your mind gets closure, and get clear on your goals and intentions, so we can seed your future.


Weeks 2-7: 6 x 60-minutes
Here’s where we work on simple lifestyle redesign, bust old patterns and grow your psychological capital so you master yourself, time and energy.


Week 8: 1 x 60-minutes
Here’s where we celebrate your successes, integrate your new skills, and chart your future so you can soar.


  • 1-1 email support (Value: £997)
  • Level One Clearing to energetically release your current blocks (Value: £147)
  • The Neo Audit: A 60-minute audit of the rituals, patterns and people in your life to tweak for enhanced sleep, energy and purpose-filled days (Value: £247)

This is for you if

  • You’re determined to get past what’s holding you back.
  • You want someone who will journey with you step-by-step
  • You’re ready to be your most amazing, successful and incandescent self whilst feeling certain and beautiful.

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