Detox Your Heart

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others” Paramhansa Yogananda

Have you ever had someone in your life who doesn’t like you shining? It’s always about them, and every milestone, accomplishment and celebration in your life triggers their insecurities.

They don’t want you tasting the glorious adventures life has to offer. They can’t celebrate your successes or your confidence. No matter how they may utter “I support you”, words can be cheap. It leaves you confused, even if you try to think the best of them.

And worse still, they steal bits of your identity. Like a cheap counterfeit, they are plagiarisers— do they hate you or like you? You can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it Angelina Jolie. So let’s not mince words here— that person is toxic.

Enter The Dark Triad Personality— the Narcissists, Psychopaths and Machiavellians. Perhaps you’ve heard of them, perhaps you haven’t. It doesn’t matter. Newsflash: You’re not alone in not realising how they’ve sneaked into your life. And it’s not your fault.

So you’ve made a stand and walked away, declaring that nothing and no one will ever stifle you of your vitality, energy and certainty. Perhaps you’ve even forgiven them. Except, it doesn’t end there, does it?

“Learn to heal properly or you may find old wounds bleeding into your present”

Samantha King, Poet

A part of you still walks on eggshells, because life is a house of mirrors. This person wasn’t the first; they won’t be the last. It could be a lover, friend, work associate or family member. Until you smash the defective mirrors, they will keep returning, disguised in another wig or costume.


  • You fear attracting the next toxic person into your life, or if your next generation will follow in your footsteps.
  • You lie awake on some nights consumed by why these people are in your life.
  • You sometimes feel bad for saying goodbye to these people— you wonder if you weren’t understanding enough, perhaps they were depressed— and this makes you doubt yourself because you’re a fundamentally good, empathetic and kind person.
  • You’re not truly over the horrible things they’ve done to you— be it emotional, spiritual, physical or financial abuse— it’s there in your self-doubt, busy mind or need to self-medicate.

The Bottomline

The stories we carry set the pattern for the people we attract. When we can’t own those chapters of our life stories, they own us. Pain is stored in our cells and spirit. You cannot just ‘talk it away’ or ‘get over it’ in your mind. If it hurts in your darkest moments, it still owns you.

Like Einstein said, madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. And your story is the glamorous couture dress that you avoid, believing “It’s gonna wear me and swallow me”. Newsflash: You can rock that dress with a megawatt smile.

Your Secret Dream

To truly turn the page on the people in your past— or detox those in your present— from every cell, neuron and heartbeat.

The Truth

You can get there, even if:—

  • You don’t want to sit for years on a therapist’s couch, going around in circles, and haemorrhaging your time, money and energy.
  • You feel ashamed, guilty, or worried you might be digging into family secrets– no one wants you to pry open Pandora’s Box.
  • You convince yourself “It’s not as bad as [name] or famine”. This is not a competition.
  • You’ve done a ton of ‘mindset work’ that doesn’t seem to be shifting, practised till the cows came home, or wasted time and money on the next three-letter miracle therapy/coaching hype.
  • You sometimes believe the shitty things the toxic person has said about you, and you wonder if it’s fundamentally your problem.
  • You’ve been for therapy, and your therapist doesn’t understand toxic personalities and relationships, has been fooled by said person— and worse still, they insist you need to give that person a chance.
  • You have to still see the toxic person— because you’re raising children together, are involved in a legal dispute, or share work/social circles. Or you’re still together.
"Incredibly knowledgeable"

"Incredibly knowledgeable"

Business Insider
Perpetua understands people, human behaviour, psychology, and relationships. She is a great resource about Dark Triad Personality types. Our articles do so well.
"I am free"

"I am free"

M, 50s, Creative Entrepreneur
For 30 years I kept that secret inside me, puzzled and ashamed. Thank you for helping me realise it wasn’t my fault, and that I am not alone.
"Exceeded all my expectations"

"Exceeded all my expectations"

Elizabeth Cordaro, Director
Unlike typical therapy where you talk in circles, Perpetua is systematic, organised and excellent at coming up with plans. My life is so much more successful and fulfilled now, professionally and personally. 
"I closed my past"

"I closed my past"

F, 30s, Healthcare Professional
Very quickly, my biggest breakthrough came. My perspective of my childhood changed, leading to deeper relationships which helped me to close my past. I feel healthier and more energetic. I also left a toxic job situation and got a fulfilling one.


  • Shedding your old stories, pain and identity as ‘someone who attracts toxic people’ and/or ‘someone who’s been hurt’– i.e. walking away for good, standing tall and proud.
  • Forgiving yourself for attracting such people, and getting to the root of The Real Why, so your mind gets closure.
  • Having graceful boundaries so you can successfully navigate relationships without feeling consumed, tired or infringed.
  • Recognising the facts and red flags of toxic people so you can walk away quickly without shame and guilt.
  • Developing your vision of who you really want to be, and living The Signature You fully from all the joy, tears and glory that’s your life— and shining like the magnificent person you are meant to be
  • Strategies on dealing with a toxic person with grace, courage and assertiveness— if you have to interact with them.
  • Attracting your desired tribe where everyone is respectful and elevates each other.
  • Freeing your children and future generations from having their lives tainted by toxic people– because when unresolved, they inherit it.
  • Loving yourself from a place of authenticity. And walking that talk everyday.



Here's how your metamorphosis will unfold

The journey

In this 8-week journey, we’ll work on detoxing your heart and exorcising the toxic people who have ever been in your life, and for you to own your story. This way, we support the most magnificent version of you to emerge, in a way that honours your life journey and personality. We’ll craft a bespoke blend of Cutting Edge Psychology Meets Ancient Wisdom, anointing you with a signature collection of Doterra essential oils* that will accelerate your progress whilst you smell decadently glorious. We can work in-person if you’re in Brighton (UK), or over Skype/Facetime. (*Separate investment required)

  • Personalised scripts, strategies and meditations to release existing pain and old stories that do not serve you.
  • Flowcharts, checklists and contingency plans so you’ll feel in-control.
  • Simple, time-friendly neuroscience-backed homework to flex your new muscles of confidence.
  • Boundaries Boss: The essential guide to identifying and repelling toxic people that they should have taught us all in school.
  • Phoenix: Insider Secrets on (1) Rising strong from your experiences (2) Speaking confidently about your story (3) Living your life with grace, beauty and joy (4) Creating systems to live your new life effortlessly.
  • Safe & Free: If you’re leaving a toxic relationship or have just left one, we’ll keep you accountable so you never return to your ex-partner, because the stats show that most women do. We’ll also craft a safety plan for you to exit, guide you through the logistics, and write your next chapter, so you feel free in every sense of the word. 

The Neo Formula

We’ll input them into THE NEO FORMULA, which is how your metamorphosis will unfold:—


Week 1: 1 x 120-minutes
Here’s where we join the dots so your mind gets closure, and get clear on your goals and intentions, so we can seed your future.


Weeks 2-7: 6 x 60-minutes
Here’s where we work on simple lifestyle redesign, bust old patterns and grow your psychological capital so you master yourself, time and energy.


Week 8: 1 x 60-minutes
Here’s where we celebrate your successes, integrate your new skills, and chart your future so you can soar.


  • 1-1 email support (Value: £997)
  • Level One Clearing to energetically release your current blocks (Value: £147)
  • The Neo Audit: A 60-minute audit of the rituals, patterns and people in your life to tweak for enhanced sleep, energy and purpose-filled days (Value: £247)
"My Detoxifier"

"My Detoxifier"

Siena Hoggianto, Fashion & Strategy
Perpetua never fails to impress me with her advice on exercising your boundaries, which revolutionalises your life! She has excellent skills in identifying patterns and toxic behaviours of Dark Triad Types.
"I can let go now"

"I can let go now"

F, 40s, Executive
You have enlightened me. I’ve always known my mother was sick, but never knew what it was. You have unravelled the knot in my heart. Thank you.
"You are a lifesaver"

"You are a lifesaver"

F, 40s, Executive
Today I am going to court to remove him from my house. Thank you so much.
"So proud of myself"

"So proud of myself"

M, 40s, Hospitality
I never realised how much my colleague/friend was sucking my energy, and how much she was like my father. Thank you for helping me see the truth. Today I know how to say no to such people, and am no longer triggered


  • You’re ready to be your most amazing, magnificent and incandescent self.
  • You’re ready to turn your experience and empathy into your superpowers.
  • You want someone who will journey with you step-by-step
  • You’re determined to get past what’s holding you back, shedding old patterns.


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