I partner with psychiatrists, business coaches, surgeons, doctors, mental health and holistic professionals TO PROVIDE THERAPY & COACHING FOR OUR CLIENTS.

Here's how we can work together.

Holistic work - MBS

I work holistically to treat mind, body and spirit, creating quick and deep changes in my clients.

Quick & deep changes

I blend hacks and deep work to spark momentum and nurture sustainable changes.

Lifestyle redesign

We redesign simple rituals, environments and mindset for optimum performance and peace.

Because every client is unique,

I blend the best of the different traditional treatment methods

to help them.

They include:

• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT),
• Mindfulness-based therapies,
• Compassion-focused therapy,
• Systemic therapy,
• Psychodynamic therapy,
• Solution-focused therapy.

I integrate these with energy psychology, plant medicine, nutrition, coaching and other tools to best support our clients.

I specialise in:

Panic attacks, anxiety disorders, trauma, perfectionism, work addiction, depression.

I don't treat:

Personality disorders, severe psychosis and substance addiction. 

I’d love to chat more on how we can work together, over coffee and cake— virtually or in-person

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Looking to create a healthier, thriving corporate culture?

“Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work."

Seth Godin

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People are the lifeblood of your organisation, but they can only benefit you if the culture is healthy. I can support you with:—

▪ Dark Triad Assessments & Strategy: Individuals with Psychopathy, Narcissism and Machiavellianism destroy your bottomline. Let’s detox your company culture so your staff can regroup and rise.
▪ Coaching & Mentoring: The best in any field engage coaches to soar fast and far. Let’s support your staff to rise above existing challenges or uplevel.
▪ Leadership Assessments: Want to audit your present/prospective leaders and managers? Or let’s help them play up their strengths and mutate challenges into superpowers.

About Psychotherapy

If you’re an individual who'd like to have psychotherapy

Some clients prefer having psychotherapy sessions because it sounds more reassuring and less intimidating than coaching. Or, they come to me via private psychiatric referrals. Our talk therapy involves a 120-minute assessment, and then working together for blocks of 8-weeks. When we work together, I’ll tailor a bespoke program based on different therapy types to best suit you.

For therapy in the UK, I am covered by most major insurance companies.
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Your patient is somewhat responding to treatment— medication, surgery, brain stimulation— but they need to change their environment and thought patterns for top results. Or, there’s trauma in their body that needs to be released.

Business Coach

You want the best results for your client. She’s eager and raring to go, but there are major mindset and lifestyle blocks stopping her. Or, something painful has happened in her life recently, so she feels overwhelmed and in need of healing.

I can partner with you to help your client excel— you’ll handle the business/career side of things, I’ll work on supporting you.. She’ll be the star student of your program, and write that stellar testimonial for you— another accolade in your track record.

Medical Doctor & Surgeon

Your patient urgently needs to talk to someone, and she isn’t really responding to medication. Research shows that talking therapies can produce deeper and lasting changes, whereas medication doesn’t teach the brain to organise itself, so the effects don’t last. 

1 • Has a health condition with no clear physiological cause (psychosomatic illness)
2 • Repeatedly orders tests or believes they have cancer/some other disease (health anxiety)
3 • Needs to adapt to a recent diagnosis— cancer, sexually transmitted infection, mental health difficulty (health psychology)
4 • Is nervous about surgery/treatment (anxiety)
5 • Has problems adhering to medication/treatment (health psychology)
6 • Has sexual health-related conditions (sexual health psychology)
7 • Has underlying fears regarding treatments, health conditions, or any underlying mental health difficulties (clinical psychology).
8 • Is nervous about stopping medication

Mental Health Professional

You believe your client can benefit from my specialisms— perfectionism, panic + anxiety, leaving + healing from abusive relationships— or you’d like to collaborate to create quick and deep changes. Or, your client has a family member who’d benefit from seeing someone else. I can help.

Holistic professional

You specialise in bodywork— massage, nutrition, aromatherapy, meditation— and you think your client would benefit from talking to a specialist. Or, your client has deep trauma and old wounds that need to be released. Let’s help your client to heal deeply and love themselves.


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