Do “time management”, “coping with stress” and mindfulness retreats cost you more time and clog your To Do list?

I coach overachievers with demanding lives to be in-control of their time, head and relationships quickly and deeply. So you perform and lead at your best, always. And sleep like a cat. Instead of managing problems via fads or yielding to burnout, we build lasting systems tailored to your personality and lifestyle. And, you achieve several goals concurrently.

Let's be Type A about being Type A-- making it work for you, not against you.


Want to master your time, skyrocket your performance and leadership, and sleep like a cat?

Get the 7 Essential Morning Rituals to master your day (and life).

    Is your high-performing life fuelled by adrenaline, caffeine and the rush of accomplishment?

    People marvel at how you’ve got everything together. You’re at the top of your game. Your career is on the rise. You know how to get things done. And you’re really good at what you do.

    But you’re exhausted. . and you feel like a fraud.

    Perhaps you’ve got a mind that won’t shut up, panic attacks or a phobia— a.k.a. High-Functioning Anxiety. Perhaps the way someone treats you has you losing respect for yourself.

    Or perhaps you don’t have the time, energy or headspace to get to your next goal— career advancement, personal development, growing your business.

    Whatever it is— it’s draining you by the second.

    Let’s get real. You’ve been trying to sort this out— meditation, therapy and coaching, and reading self-help books like a junkie. But the problem isn’t going away. And the clock is ticking.

    You’re smart enough to figure out that Quick Fixes aren’t the solution. And all that talk about coping with stress or managing the problem is sticking a band-aid. It’s passé.

    Life doesn’t have to be like this.

    So whilst most oscillate between figuring it out with another book and convincing themselves the problem doesn't exist

    You’re wise enough to know that when it comes to your career and life, efficiency is worth its weight in gold, frankincense and myrrh combined.

    You’re done wasting your time “sorting out [something else] first”.

    You don’t have the luxury of making more mistakes with a DIY solution.

    You need (and want) to solve it so you can get on and be in-control.

    Time to stop managing and start mastering.



    Terri Cole. Relationship expert, master coach & psychotherapist.

    Perpetua and I work with very similar demographics of high functioning women on prioritizing self-care. She is an expert on narcissism. I find Dr. Neo’s work compelling.

    "Raw, vulnerable, real"

    "Raw, vulnerable, real"

    Selena Soo. Publicity Coach for Visionary Leaders.

    Not only do you have incredible expert knowledge of your field, but your writing is raw, vulnerable, and real. I’ve been so moved by the stories you share. Your courage and sincerity is truly impacting so many.

    Here's where I come in


    I teach Type A personality types to accelerate their performance and leadership. We’ll sort out The Big 3 blocks that most mistakenly believe they can tolerate— perfectionism/anxiety, abusive relationships and panic attacks— quickly and thoroughly. We’ll do it in a way your mind likes, with KPIs, flowcharts and contingency plans. And we’ll leverage how you’re wired— whether you have a short attention span, are introverted, or love order— as your strength.

    My perfectionist, overworked clients are charmed by how confident and in-control they feel, sleep like a cat, and have abundant time and energy to do everything they once dreamed of.

    It’s The MBA For Your Mind, where you

    Master Your Psychological Capital

    It’s my signature blend of cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom. We’ll unwire old patterns, wire new ones that serve you, and engineer systems to ensure lasting transformation.

    Let’s make drinks, vacations and shopping enjoyable rather than escapes.

    So you can savour the rewards you deserve.


    1. Meditate for 2 hours. . or 10 minutes
    2. Talk in therapy for years and feel more helpless
    3. ‘Find motivation’ to start or maintain the changes

    Once upon a time, I walked in your shoes, so I don’t operate from some experiment, textbook or theory. I believe it in every cell of my being.

    Let’s make your perfectionistic, Type A++ personality work for you.


    Let's work together, no matter where you are


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