Unsure if you’re suitable for working together? You’re feeling a little afraid and hesitant.Wondering if this will work, or if you can sustain change. That’s your mind convincing you that you’ll fail and you’re destined to be unhappy. Your dilemma is normal. The comfort zone is safe and familiar, change is walking into the unknown. Let’s speak to the part of you that takes some risks and really wants to change.

Here’s your checklist

What’s going on in your life

  • You feel that enough is enough. You’re tired of waking up feeling this way. You’re overwhelmed by the tornado of thoughts in your mind, and paralysed by your actions
  • Something has happened in your life and your usual ways of coping aren’t working.
  • You get angry with yourself for ‘feeling this way again’, or judge your efforts as not good enough? You’d like this vicious cycle to end.

You’re ready for a change

  • You’ve found yourself starting to do things for yourself, such as reading or swimming.
  • You want to implement, not consume more knowledge.

Your ideas about working with me

  • You’re looking for a new way of life, rather than a 3-day program or a quick fix.
  • You’ve never had psychotherapy/ coaching before, or had previous experiences which didn’t go so well. But you’re willing to try again.
  • You’re absolutely committed towards investing your time and energy in becoming clear about what you want, and to create that life.
  • You don’t want 1001 strategies; you want a streamlined system cherrypicked for you.

What you want from working together

  • You want answers to understand why you are the way you are.
  • You want active sessions where you are encouraged to explore your boundaries
  • You’ll commit to doing homework to apply what you have learned.

Ready to work together?

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Who can I help? Or, who’s not suitable for working together? Got a burning question about therapy? See here or Pop me a mail. I read every email- Perpetua. [Credit: Image]

Author Perpetua Neo

I’ve been helping people solve problems, reach goals and create change for the past 13 years. Along the way, I’ve moved across continents and picked up the credentials to specialise in mental health and wellbeing. And learned from Life what it means to be human- the laughter, tears and everything in-between. But really, I want to live in a world where people sleep peacefully at night, wake up looking forward to the day, and are kind to each other. In that world, we know that we’re worthy. And whatever life throws at us, we know can handle.

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