Dr Perpetua Neo

“What’s it like working with you?”

No, you won’t be lying on a couch in a darkened room. We’ll not simply be chatting about your week. Nor will I be nodding my head and simply listening. There’ll be light times- relaxed, fun, happy. There’ll be more difficult times- digging deep and pushing boundaries. And everything in-between. That’s what happens in therapy.

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Working with me is active- this is why we invest our time and energy together. It’s a journey of self-discovery of your mind, as you learn about yourself and what may hold you back. You see the life you really want, and set goals to create that life. You overcome what you struggle with. Only then can you craft your desired life.

It’s about becoming Lucid and having Breakthroughs.

So we sit in a room (or in different rooms, via Skype). I’ll take notes. You can jot down major points or draw them out. I’ll ask you questions to make you think or to help you access what you’re feeling. You’ll talk. We’ll reflect, explore and sit in silence together. You’re the expert on You. I’m here to shine a light on important areas, and help you change your life.


3 main points

1. We’ll get to the root of your issue, rather than simply treating the symptoms and praying that they’ll go away. Lucidity is powerful.
2. I’ll give you tools that you can apply easily, that are tailored to you.
3. You’ll do homework to apply your insights into daily life. Practise breaks bad habits and builds new ones. And stronger, faster results.

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And what do my clients say?

1. They feel safe to talk and explore, and they also feel safe to challenge themselves and grow
2. They start to feel hopeful even if they’d given up on themselves
3. They feel understood and listened to
4. They don’t feel judged
5. They feel relieved
6. They feel happier very quickly
7. They know they can overcome what life throws at them

To quote one, “I’ve seen many mental health professionals over the years, and have been very impressed how quickly you got to the heart of the matter.” (See here for what others have said).

What Happens in Psychotherapy is about therapy with me. This article is part of a series “What is Psychotherapy?” written and curated for you. Too many people have asked the same questionshttp://www.perpetuaneo.com/self-help/what-is-psychotherapy/, and told me how not knowing stopped them from seeking professional help. I hope this helps you. And, do you have a question about what is psychotherapy? Leave a comment or Pop me a mail. PS I read every email. [Credit: Image]