Bespoke for the High Achiever

The fatal flaw with the next Three Letter Miracle Therapy/Coaching fad is that it doesn’t honour who you are. That’s why some people go through years of Three Letter Miracle shopping without much change; it becomes an addiction.

A method that isn’t tailored to you assumes you have a certain personality, temperament and habits. But square pegs don’t fit in round holes.

And then there’s all that hype about simply doing “mindset work”— if there were a thing as Thought Surgery, I’d gladly open my wallet. As cerebral as you are, you can’t simply do an Intellectual Bypass.

More importantly, as a Type A/ Perfectionist/ High Achiever, telling you to simply ‘relax and trust the journey’ and that goals aren’t spiritual makes you want to wave your middle finger. I hear, see and feel you.

You want to work and grow in a way that honours who you are— your successes, journey and lessons. Otherwise, buzzwords like “just feel”, “be feminine” and “soften” make you feel like you have to wear a frilly apron, get all 1960s Flower Child and giggle in a high-pitched voice. It’s asking you to have a personality transplant or be possessed by an alien.

I get your left-brained nature. You want science, evidence or at least some explanation. You want contingency plans, flowcharts, checklists and KPIs. And that’s how we’ll roll. (Because that’s how I run my life too).


Remember myself


Breakthrough Session



Rebirth myself

The Neo Formula

We’ll input them into THE NEO FORMULA, which is how your metamorphosis will unfold:—


Here’s where we join the dots so your mind gets closure, and get clear on your goals and intentions, so we can seed your future.


Here’s where we work on simple lifestyle redesign, bust old patterns and grow your psychological capital so you master yourself, time and energy.


Here’s where we celebrate your successes, integrate your new skills, and chart your future so you can soar.

We’ll use these to craft a bespoke gameplan for you. I call it Headspace + Heartspace + Soulspace Redesign, so you go deep to clear out the debris of the past, and get where you want to go quickly.

Yes, I'm in!