Maybe it’s your first time and you don’t have much idea about what psychotherapy is about. Images of lying on a couch five times a week may appear in your mind. Words like ‘mad’ and ‘mentally ill’ may pop up. And the fear about who you are and what your friends may think becomes overwhelming. You start to research, but like many clients have told me, the information is lacking and they walk into psychotherapy feeling like it’s a mystery.

Here’s what I’d like for you. To learn a little about what psychotherapy is, because knowledge empowers.

 Let’s clear some doubts so you can devote your energy to helping yourself rather than worrying.

And even if you’ve been for psychotherapy before, no two therapists operate the same. Psychotherapy with me is short-term, active and deep. My clients who have seen other therapists before have told me that they roll with my style, and wished that someone would have described it to them beforehand.

So, here’s a little primer on what to expect.