What do you see when you hear the words ‘comfort zone’. I see quicksand, and I feel the texture of fluffy pillows and duvets. Staying stuck in bed for days and weeks because we know what to expect. Bed, substances, social media, or whatever our choice of quicksand is, we’re stuck. We think, “If I’ve coped with this for five weeks, I can cope with it for a little longer”. We humans are excellent at adapting but completely awful at change after all. Five weeks become five months, then five years. Sometimes, fifty. I’d say five hundred too, because we pass this on to future generations. Behaviourally, energetically and genetically.

A common idea people have is “If this has been going on, am I too deeply entrenched I cannot be helped?” It’s a scary thought that we are unfixable, so we shelve change away. And the other part of them goes, “But I’m tired. I can’t have this go on indefinitely”. And worrying about the uncertainty in change makes it seem unapproachable. It mutes our conviction to change from a holler to a whisper. How do we make things more certain?

Learn more about what change is all about, and how to change your life.

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