I’m on a mission to make psychology and personal development clearer (and more beautiful)

Because you’ve told me they confuse you at times. So I write in plain English, one idea per post.

Less jargon, fewer numbers. Visual illustrations, simple exercises. No headache, just clarity.

Perpetua Neo Brighton Psychotherapy how to change your life Sunrise

How to Change Your Life

What is Psychotherapy?

What is Psychotherapy?

Perpetua Neo Brighton Psychotherapy Change your life candle

How to Meditate – The Art of Mindfulness

How to Know Yourself – Mastering Self-Awareness

How to Know Yourself – Mastering Self-Awareness

Perpetua Neo How to be a better person moon self help

How to be a Better Person

Perpetua Neo What is Depression Brighton Psychotherapy Moon

How to Get Out of Depression

perpetua neo psychotherapy brighton how to fall asleep

How to Fall Asleep

perpetua neo psychologist brighton & hove online psychotherapy & coaching am i depressed quiz lake

How to Deal with Anxiety

Perpetua Neo Ask A Therapist Double Rainbow

Dear Neo – Ask a Therapist – Advice column

This Self Help repository is a living, breathing organism. I’ll be adding to it as I write more. Keep checking back. Or join my circle of readers who receive exclusive articles.