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Is it time to do something different?

If self-help books, hacks and affirmations aren’t working, or your struggles keep returning, perhaps it’s time to do something different. Time to stop the same story playing on loop. Someone once told me his frustrations with weeding his one-acre garden. The weeds always grew back with a vengeance. Because they had a rhizomatic root system deep underground. Your struggles are like those roots. Until you dig deep to find out what causes those repeating patterns and kill them, they’ll return. And here’s where a trained professional like myself can shine a light into your mind.

Psychotherapy & Coaching- Working together

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Psychotherapy is for you if

  • The same patterns are playing on loop (see here)
  • You relate to depression and/or anxiety
  • You can’t cope because something’s happened.

You’re tired of the racing mind, tight stomach and self-medication. It’s running on a hamster wheel-  moving but not getting anywhere. You know you need to heal before you can think of bigger life goals, but feel stuck and overwhelmed. And nobody else knows about this. That said, you’re at a point where you’re determined that enough is enough. Things must change. And indeed, they can.

I can help you understand why things are the way they are, so you get closure. We’ll help you find peace. So you can create the life you truly want.

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Coaching is for you if

  • You don’t know how or dare to achieve a goal
  • You’re not sure just what you want
  • You want to ensure you don’t give up halfway through your project

You want to take yourself and/or your work to the next level.  A part of you whispers that you’ve got more to give, do and learn. You’ve got more to Be. You read about life purpose, but it’s all quite fuzzy.  Whether it’s increasing your confidence so your business flourishes, having stronger relationships or studying in the top institutions- life coaching is for personal and professional goals.

I’ll be your guide and accountability partner. We’ll figure out what you want. And how to get there. We’ll make a plan, tap deep into your courage, then change your life.

"I always recommend Perpetua to my friends. I tell them she always works magic"

− Ms H. Thompson, Veteran

"Psychotherapy with you was very useful for talking about my problems and examining them from another perspective. Today, I am significantly less depressed, anxious and angry. Thank you! "

− M, 30s

"You’ve been a ray of sunshine in my week"

− M, 50s

"For the first time I thought about my career differently. I requested for a new job position. I worry less about life’s setbacks, and no longer want to hurt myself. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to achieve what they wish to achieve, and who feel stuck and upset with their life. Excellent service that changed my life."

− M, 30s

Working together, in a nutshell

Working with me is about turning the question marks (?) into other punctuation marks. Like the exclamation marks (!), during your Eureka moment. The commas (,), when you move forward. The full stops (.) when you close a chapter. And get on with your life, charged by your own power.

My mother always says,
“Whether or not you worry, the time will pass anyway. And I’ve chosen not to fill the time with worries.”
In 6 months time, you’ll be 6 months older.
Would you still want those question marks and struggles in your life.
Or would you want to have begun creating the life you desire?

Getting started

First, let’s chat. I’ll get a sense of your difficulties and what you desire to achieve. I’ll tell you about how we can work together, and answer your questions. So you can decide if you’d like us to work together. Whether it’s a therapist, phone or food, it’s important that what you choose fits you. Click the button below to set up a 20-minute consultation. My gift to you.

The main themes- Psychotherapy & Coaching

It’s all about attaining Lucidity and achieving Breakthroughs. Then you can Take Flight.

  • When you understand why you are the way you are, you realise it’s not your fault, and that you have a choice about what happens next.
  • When you learn what you really desire from life, you can go about making it happen.
  • And when you learn what can trip you up (those roots in your mind), you’re prepared and know what to do.

Our work is active and short-term, because you’ll discover your strength and write your next chapter. We both invest our time and energy into your blossoming.

If you’re at a crossroad, gain perspective and take action. Because you deserve more.

"I’ve seen many mental health professionals over the years, and have been very impressed how quickly you got to the heart of the matter."

− M, 50s

"Dr Neo undertook her training program as one of five trainees in the pioneer batch of international students in the United Kingdom. I am confident that Dr Neo would make an excellent contribution to any service that employed her, and I recommend her unreservedly."

− Professor Tony Roth, Joint Course Director, University College London

"People have started noticing that I am much happier. My life is now more about taking action, becoming mindful, and less drama. Coinciding with the end of psychotherapy, we moved to a new place. It feels like a symbolic closure to a very long and old chapter of my life. Thank you."

− F, 30s

"Perpetua’s natural ability to foster an approach that is both compassionate and pragmatic accounts for her efficacy. She meets her clients at their level in a compassionate and warm manner. Her style is both personable and professional and I feel this accounts for the ease with which her clients engage and collaborate with her in the process of change."

− Gabriela Moody, Counselling Psychologist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

"Working with Perpetua helped me to see the bigger picture. Today, I’m less self-absorbed with the negative thoughts that were weighing me down. I am now aware of my potential. Thank you for bringing me out of a horrible year. I am confident about moving forward and I think of my future now"

− F, 20s

"Perpetua surprised me with her confidence in me. She encouraged me to be true to myself whilst doing so in the best possible light, challenging me to discover who I am and what I believe in. As a result, I received my dream offers. I’d definitely recommend Perpetua. Excellent experience and knowledge. "

− Mr Goh Ciping, Police Psychologist

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What modality do you use?
I tailor my approach to you. Mainly, I use CBT, compassion-focused therapy, mindfulness and psychodynamic approaches. See here for more.

2. Where do we meet?
Brighton & Hove, or online (via Skype)

3. How long are sessions?
50-minutes or 80-minutes, your choice

4. What can I expect?
There are 3 stages. In clinical speak, they’re Assessment, Goal-setting and Treatment. In my work, they translate to Knowing, Initiating and Loving Yourself. See here for the logistics.

5. What are your credentials and experience?

6. What do your clients say?
See here for testimonials.

7. Where can I read more about what you do?
I’ve written and curated a series of articles for you here– one idea per article, in plain English. Also, here’s my blog, my advice column, and what goes on in sessions.

Got a question about working together? Why don’t you Pop me a mail. I read every email. Or, would you like to read about fear of therapy or fear of change? I’ve written articles for you on how to overcome them.