Depression & anxiety (M, 40s)

“When I started, I reached a point where I felt I should be more sorted in my life. My relationship breakdown hit me a lot harder than I thought. Everything else crumbled. I was full of self-doubt, with no hope for the future. I didn’t know what to expect, thinking it would go like previous attempts at psychotherapy. You take a genuine interest in me, and are enthused by what you do. I believe that you have changed your own life too. You deliver your points clearly, combining neuroscience with evolutionary theory. That made sense to me. I can sit here and spill out what has hurt me. You put them under the light and in perspective. I understand I am human, how to think differently, and that I can change. You have grounded me. Right now, my life is overall a lot more balanced. I can cope with day to day life. I accept that I get irritated, I don’t dwell and stop the downward spiral. I also have more positive feelings. I am able to enjoy things. It is nice to not feel bullied by myself. I did not expect to achieve so much in 8 sessions. I feel a lot more like me again. Really recommend it to anyone who feels that they have stumbling blocks to a fulfilling and happy life. It is really worth coming along to somebody who knows.”

Mr Fred Long, former Head Psychologist (Institute of Mental Health, Singapore), Adjunct Professor (Nanyang Technological University)

Dr Perpetua Neo was one of my best students during 2008-2009 when she was studying Psychology at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Apart from her excellent academic abilities, she has proven herself to be a caring and helpful person to her peers. I have no doubt her outstanding qualities will also be evident in her professional services to others wherever she practises.

Health anxiety & self-esteem (M, 40s)

“I’ve seen many mental health professionals over the years, and have been very impressed by how quickly you got to the heart of the matter.”

Dr Karen Pooh, Clinical Psychologist

“Perpetua works magic. She is a teacher, mentor and healer. With her myriad of skills and wealth of knowledge, she has always helped me to achieve success over the past four years. Everyone I know who has worked with Perpetua often wax lyrical about her. This is hardly surprising as Perpetua has an astute sense of perception, gets to the crux of issues immediately, and works tirelessly with you to achieve your goals. The path to success can be challenging at times. However, this journey is so much smoother with Perpetua‘s warmth, compassion and empathy.”

Panic attacks (F, 30s)

“I had panic attacks several times a week. I stopped exercising and avoided the tube. I became very angry with myself. You helped me to understand how old events and beliefs triggered the series of panic attacks. In five sessions, I learned to be kinder to myself, as anger made things worse. I started running again and stopped avoiding pubs. Breathing meditation has also helped me to manage this better. Thank you so much”

Depression, self-hatred (M, 50s)

“You’ve been a ray of sunshine in my week”

Professor Tony Roth, Joint Course Director, UCL

“Dr Neo undertook her training program as one of five trainees in the pioneer batch of international students in the United Kingdom. I am confident that Dr Neo would make an excellent contribution to any service that employed her, and I recommend her unreservedly.”

Self-criticism, health anxiety (F, 30s)

“When I started I felt disgusted with myself. I was completely broken, and thought that I should have done more for myself. Uncovering the links between my emotions and behaviours helped me realise that the things I do are normal. It was empowering and I could process the episode very quickly. Perpetua worked on self-love and mindfulness with me. She was personable, did not judge me, and paid attention to my needs. I could trust her to work with me through my issues, and to push me just enough to explore. I know myself better now, and apply these principles to different parts of my life. I learned to prioritise myself, and be proud of my achievements rather than beat myself up for not doing enough. I have seen positive effects on my work and family, and know that if anything happens, I am confident in dealing. The experience of psychotherapy has helped me grow as a person. I am now a better version of myself because of these eight sessions. I am very thankful and would definitely recommend her!”

Depression, self-hatred, social anxiety (M, 20s)

“I didn’t expect change when I first started. Like with previous psychotherapy, I expected to just sit and talk in an old dark room without understanding the purpose. Instead, I gained clarity about what I really want, and learned to trust myself. Sessions were relaxed and combined doing and talking. Perpetua has helped me to simplify my thought, feeling and behaviour patterns. My head is no longer a mystery to me. We broke down issues that were bothering me, and examined them from different angles. I learned to apply this to my work, and to realistically review myself. I worked through my ups and downs. Perpetua drew flowcharts to help me treat myself better. I learned to accept what was going on kindly, rather than to grasp or suppress. She used the analogy that this was like training muscles, that it would be difficult and painful but discipline and practice are needed. This got to me. She remembered a lot of details about me, and tailored the sessions to me. Today, I feel adequate from the inside. In 11 sessions, I have achieved so much. I feel mature and strong enough, I know that there are always solutions. I see my future coming together, and know that I have removed my mask. I am living authentically today, and know that I deserve a life with less drama and less pain. Thank you.”

Ms Gabriela Moody, Counselling Psychologist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

“Perpetua’s natural ability to foster an approach that is both compassionate and pragmatic accounts for her efficacy. She meets her clients at their level in a compassionate and warm manner. Her style is both personable and professional and I feel this accounts for the ease with which her clients engage and collaborate with her in the process of change.”

Ms Azrina Husain, Educator

“Perpetua’s been my go-to person for so many years. Her knowledge is immeasurable and she exudes so much positive energy. She understands the whys and the hows fast and in-depth, hitting the core of things. She helps me to think out of the box, and out of the rut. Perpetua makes complex situations simple to digest, so I understand myself better. She gives me the confidence to go for my goals. I love working with her. And, things are always done quickly and effectively!”

Mr Goh Ciping, Police Psychologist

Perpetua surprised me with her confidence in me. She encouraged me to be true to myself whilst doing so in the best possible light, challenging me to discover who I am and what I believe in. As a result, I received my dream offers. I’d definitely recommend Perpetua. Excellent experience and knowledge.”

Self-hatred, health anxiety, depression (F, 20s)

“When I first came to psychotherapy, I was fragile like a zombie. I had zero confidence and did not care about myself. Working with Perpetua helped me to see the bigger picture. She illustrated and simplified confusing dynamics in my mind, and I learned possible routes of actions. I no longer believe that everything that happens means that there is something wrong with me, and no longer blame myself for everything that happens. I read other books and talked to others, and learned that I am not alone. Today, I see the bigger picture and I’m less self-absorbed with the negative thoughts that were weighing me down. I faced my fears and looked at myself in the mirror and weighed myself. I am now aware of my potential. Thank you for bringing me out of a horrible year. I am confident about moving forward and I think of my future now

Life transition, depression, anxiety (M, 30s)

“I was in the worst place. I felt hopeless about life and where it was going. Dr Neo did not judge me. She didn’t look down on me for the things that I look down on myself for. We reassessed my life and mind, and I learned to recognise my vicious circles and how I was bullying myself. Dr Neo focused on real-world connections and breathing, and once I tackled my fear, I was able to go out with friends again. She helped me to see that in spite of my situation, I had achieved a lot personally. With logical formulations, things started making sense. I started knowing and understanding myself better, and applying them to many other situations in my life. These days, I have a better relationship with myself. I am more assertive at work, and I have learned to talk myself out of moments when I feel down instead of getting sucked in further. I see success now. Would absolutely recommend for anyone going through life difficulties. Thank you for these twelve sessions”

Psychosis, self-hatred (M, 60s)

“For thirty years, I saw many professionals. I was angry and believed that I had no hope. You patiently helped me to understand why I enjoyed being angry and worried. You also helped me to tackle sharing my thoughts with the people who mattered, by writing a script with me. After that, I realised that things could change. I enjoyed setting aside time for Worry Time and Angry Time, and to use mindfulness meditation outside of those times. I learned to focus on happy and productive things that made me proud, and learned to tackle my moods with our action plans. Thank you so much.”

Phobia, anxiety (F, 30s)

“My phobia was taking over my life. I felt angry with myself and frightened. Step-by-step, you patiently helped me to understand why, and we broke down the work into a series of steps, while I was going through other difficult events. I learned to differentiate between my phobia and fear of fear itself. Everyone was surprised at my courage. I am very proud of myself for these changes, and I feel less anxious and stressed in general. Would definitely recommend. Thank you”

Transition, depression (M, 30s)

“An accident changed my life. I lost my ability to work and was suicidal. I was angry, I hated my memory problems, and kept thinking about how successful I used to be. Psychotherapy became my only positive space that I looked forward to weekly. You did not give up on me. We worked around my losses, and I learned simple and powerful behaviours to change my situation. You increased my positive space, by encouraging me to go for meditation classes and other workshops. I moved to better living conditions, and cut down my smoking. I started spending more time with my family members, exercised and practised memory strategies. Psychotherapy with you was very useful for talking about my problems and examining them from another perspective. Today, I am significantly less depressed, anxious and angry. Thank you!”

Dr HS, Clinical Psychologist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

“I have every confidence in her ability to continue working as a competent and compassionate Clinical Psychologist. Perpetua has a genuine ability to hold onto a sense of hope for clients and to share this with them. She has shown a warmth and maturity with her patients which allows her to empathise with them, while being able to help clients make sense of their difficulties in a way that allows them to hope for change. I wish Perpetua all the best with her future career and hope she continues to develop her natural abilities of leadership and compassion.”

Anxiety, depression, self-hatred (M, 30s)

“Things were difficult. Everything looked out of control. I had no confidence to know what I wanted. I was anxious, depressed, and my sleep patterns were very bad. I felt down about everything you can think about. I wondered how this would work out. Perpetua is friendly. She always has a smile. She got me to question my way of thinking while feeling not judged, encouraging me to push my boundaries. I now know my patterns and am kinder to myself. It has been thirty years, and for the first time I thought about my career differently. I requested for a new job position. For the first time, I stood up to a person who had been bullying me, and learned to cope with other anxieties. I worry less about life’s setbacks, and no longer want to hurt myself. In 10 sessions, Perpetua has been a psychotherapist and a life coach. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to achieve what they wish to achieve, and who feel stuck and upset with their life. You’ve been great. Excellent service that changed my life. Thank you!”

Ms H Thompson, Veteran

“I always recommend Perpetua to my friends. I tell them she always works magic

Anxiety (F, teens)

“I was very self-conscious due to a health condition. I found it very difficult to work with stress. You taught me an awareness of my body, and how to challenge my ideas of perfectionism. I enjoyed the exercises that we did, to understand that making minor mistakes can be helpful. I learned to accept myself, rather than to get upset about my personality. I no longer see things in black and white. Thank you.”

Anxiety (M, 20s)

“Amazing help. You’re a beautiful person inside and out and I hope that you are feeling great because you’ve lifted a load off my shoulders. You opened my eyes to what is available, was extremely professional but also very understanding and non-judgemental! I would recommend to anyone!”

Dr Mandeep Ranger, Clinical Psychologist

Perpetua has shown herself to be an engaging and a likeable clinician, receiving excellent feedback from her patients, colleagues and care providers.  She has shown herself to be adaptable, sensitive to people’s needs and skillful in communicating to individuals who have been experiencing significant distress.  Her initiative and competencies would make her an asset across a range of care settings.” 

Some feedback from support groups

“I came here because I was feeling trapped. What I like most about Perpetua’s style is that she is joyful. The breathing exercise we did put me in a calmer place. “

“At first, I felt anxious. Perpetua is skilful and has positive energy. I found learning more about my feelings and thoughts useful, and understand my feelings more now”

“I came here today because I felt anxious. I like Perpetua’s emphatic style. Hearing about other’s experiences, and applying solution-focused ideas was very helpful. After this session, I feel motivated to change things

It’s good to know you’re not alone. After this session, I’d like to apply more practical methods to help myself feel better”

Panic attacks, perfectionism (F, teens)

“I had panic attacks and headaches, and did not know how to express myself. People thought that I was coping. We worked on how to express my feelings, and to stop following too many rules around being perfect. I learned that not being perfect does not mean that I am stupid. I started doing deep breathing, and talked more to my family members. I think that psychotherapy has had a positive effect on my family as a whole, and I now have a greater sense of self-worth. Thank you.”

Ms Deirdre Moss, former Executive Officer, SPCA Singapore

Perpetua balances an achievement of academic merit and a firm commitment to contribute to society. She possesses the personal qualities to be an excellent clinical psychologist, and a potential future leader capable of effecting change and betterment. “

Depression, anxiety, self-hatred (M, 20s)

“I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety. I could not understand why. You patiently unpicked the causes with me, and I realised that a big part of the problem was because I was angry with myself. I was self-critical as I thought that I was being ‘unmanly’, but you put it into perspective about how my cultural upbringing may have taught me such expectations. We learned about my ideal self image, and how to cope with future triggers. Today, I am not depressed any longer. I socialise more, and performed very well for my final examinations. My next step is to do a Masters. Because of psychotherapy, I am better organised to look for practical solutions rather than to escape into my cocoon.”

Self-hatred, anger, anxiety (F, 30s)

“I had enough. I had been angry and anxious for a long time, or I felt numb. I did not feel normal, especially when these feelings had no trigger. You helped me to focus on the 10% of my worries that are realistic, and to understand that my emotional and logical sides were fighting each other. As I visualised what I really want, I started making small changes, such as being mindful and breathing. I learned how my beliefs that worrying is helpful is unhealthy. I started having me-time. I went out with my friends after a long time that I had shut myself away from worrying. We worked systematically on many things, such as my beliefs about myself as not good enough, and this benefited my performance at work. People have started noticing that I am much happier. My life is now more about taking action, becoming mindful, and less drama. Coinciding with the end of psychotherapy, we moved to a new place. It feels like a symbolic closure to a very long and old chapter of my life. Thank you. “

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