Change doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve got blindspots, and we’ve got a slew of fears and uncertainties to tackle. Research has shown that those who are ready to change are likeliest to succeed. Regardless of what difficulty you may be going through. This quiz can help you determine how ready are you for change, and what you can do next.


Please read the following statements carefully. Each one describes a way that you might (or might not) feel about the difficulty you're struggling with. This can be drug use, depression, self-esteem, anger, etc.

For each statement, pick one number from 1 to 5, to indicate how much you agree or disagree with it right now.





1) I've already started making some changes towards my relationship with my difficulty
2) I was experiencing this difficulty/ using it too much at one time, but I've managed to change that.
3) I'm not just thinking about changing my relationship with this difficulty, I'm already doing something about it.
4) I've already changed my relationship with this difficulty, and I am looking for ways to keep from slipping back to my old pattern.
5) I'm actively doing things now to cut down or stop this difficulty
6) I am working hard to change my relationship with this difficulty
7) I've made some changes in relationship with this difficulty, and I want some help to keep from going back to the way I used before
8) I was experiencing this difficulty/ using it too much at one time, but I've managed to change that


Found this useful, or got a question? Pop me a mail [Credit: This is an adaptation of the SOCRATES 8 scale, a test used by health professionals. Header

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