On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to change your life?

Above 8? Then say hello to more clarity.
About what you really desire. Who you are.
Why things are the way they are.
What will get in the way. And what to do.

The Formula

Success = Readiness + Support + Systems

#1. You’ve acknowledged + committed to change.
#2. Talking in sessions = support.
(Here’s 3 scripts to tell your friends and family)
#3. Having systems mean you know what + how to do.

Quick Wins + Digging Deep

A pairing made for each other

Quick wins boost your confidence.
(Those hacks and scripts build momentum)
Knowing yourself means you deal with roadblocks
(that you never even knew about)

It’s not your fault

And you have a choice on what you want to do now

You are what you are because of
Your genes, environment and experiences.
Your old choices were shaped by them,
Your new choices can be shaped by you.

Keep practising

It’s about building the muscles you want

Your habits are well-trained muscles
So are your thoughts and feelings.
But we can build the muscles you want
New muscles of peace, success and kindness.

Nothing’s “too stupid”

It’s never “too irrational” or “too small”

Yes, children die and farmers self-immolate
But there’s no metric on what you struggle with
Same goes for the great stuff you do
Nothing’s too small. Keep it up.

You are so worthy

Learn to act like you’re worthy

Even if you don’t believe it,
Hey you deserve a life of goodness.
Not Fake It Till You Make It, but
Act like it. Let life show you you’re worthy.