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Hello. I’m Perpetua Neo.

My clients call me DrP. I receive emails saying “Dear Neo” (how very Matrix!). I sign off as P. I’ve been helping people solve problems, reach goals and create change for the past 13 years. Along the way, I’ve moved across continents and picked up the credentials to specialise in mental health and wellbeing. And learned from Life what it means to be human- the laughter, tears and everything in-between.

But really, I want to live in a world where people sleep peacefully at night, wake up looking forward to the day, and are kind to each other. In a world where we know we’re worthy. And whatever life throws at us, we know can handle.

This is what I do today.

2600 years ago, a wise man said it begins with peace in the heart.
His name is Lao Tzu. He’s my favourite thinker.

I work with busy and ambitious people who ask “how to find inner peace”. They’re struggling or feeling stuck, and ready to create the lives they desire. Productive, successful and peaceful lives, on their own terms.

I’m a clinical psychologist by training. I understand both worlds of psychotherapy and coaching, and create the best blend for you. Whether in Brighton & Hove or online, our work is short-term. Because you’ll tap into your strength to write your next chapters. You’ll become your own best friend and trusted advisor.

Once a month, I also run a group on dealing with stress and anxiety, with the wonderful folks over at Hove StressBusters. I’m also a Listener on 7 Cups of TeaThat’s some of the ways I give back. I’m looking for more.

And I write for you. On the Eureka! ideas and strategies that make my clients say “Why didn’t anyone teach me that in school before?!”. I write about things that give me goosebumps. Musings about life, peace and being human. I write to make the world a kinder place- a place where we understand ourselves and help one another. 

These are the 4 truths I believe in.

1. Know yourself

We need clarity about who we are, why we are the way we are, where we want to be. And how to get there. To master the invisible beliefs limiting us. And to learn what gives us joy. If I were to sum up my life’s work in four words, they’d be “Lucidity”, “Breakthrough” and “Take Flight“.

2. Life happens

Whether it’s something that’s been going on for some time, a slip-up in your path to changing your life, or just one of those days. Whatever’s happened in the past, no blame. What matters is, if you’re alive and breathing right now, you have a choice to do something from this moment forth.

3. You are your best investment

And I don’t just mean money. I mean investing attention, love, kindness, time and energy in yourself. I’ve noticed how we often think “if my money/career/lover slotted into place, then I’ll be happy”, or “. . then I’ll start doing something for myself”. It doesn’t work that way. It starts with you. You are the foundation of everything else.

4. Act like you are worthy

The root of all suffering? Fear. We compete and compare, sleep poorly, and feel like something’s missing despite the shiny toys. How about we shift into Love? Start with being kind to yourself and those around you. Keep practising. You’ll learn that you are indeed worthy.

Here’s what this site is about.

One simple idea a page, in plain English.

Sometimes illustrated (by me). An advice column. Some exercises, quizzes and scripts. (The type that makes you think but only takes 60-seconds.) No lengthy statistics and jargon (you can click on the link). Your brain doesn’t need to be overwhelmed.

You can use it to know yourself better.

To overcome your struggles and help you craft your life. I’m looking forward to that.

You can use it to understand what your friend’s going through.

We know what coughs and cuts are, and how to treat them. But not what a person going through loss, suffering and darkness experiences. So we’re scared to reach out. I’d love to take some of that fear away and help you be the friend you want to be. 

The vision? “Psychology Research, Expert Knowledge & Eastern Wisdom, Magnified”.

Because I read a lot from everywhere, so you don’t have to.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the interwebs.

I hope you find something here that makes your day a little better than it was, and if it helps you understand someone else’s experiences better.

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