I’ll give you simple ideas, in plain English. Sometimes, flowcharts and illustrations. So you can make sense of things.

Your brain doesn’t need overwhelm.


My sessions are tailored for busy, ambitious people. You don’t do one-size-fits-all. I select the best for you, and honour the demands on your time.

I know you.


It’s not enough to change habits.

Your mind will trip you up. I help you know yourself better, so your mind becomes your ally. Successful change is only possible when you know yourself deeply.


Real change doesn’t come from a pill. That makes you powerless.

I’ll help you heal and discover your real strength. Here’s where you’ll love my expertise. You can see me as a coach with solid psychology training. Or a mental health professional who knows how to coach.


Cambridge. UCL. I’ve trained and studied in the top institutions, run successful businesses, and worked with busy, ambitious people like you.

And everyday, I learn more about what it means to be human. Psychotherapy and coaching are just two of the many ways.


Whoever you are, whatever your story, however different society makes you feel, I’m here to understand you. People describe me as curious and open.

I think things only shock us when we judge them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Rather than take them as they come.


I want you to overcome your struggles and thrive. I believe we can create the lives we desire.

Productive, peaceful, successful lives. On our own termsBecause I want to live in a world where people sleep peacefully at night, wake up looking forward to the day, and are kind to each other. A world where we know we’re worthy.

perpetua neo, psychotherapist and coach